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Step into the vibrant world of Salsa Time, where every jar tells a tale of passion, tradition, and the rich flavors of Mexico. Inspired by our founder, Emerson (a passionate Latin musician from Mexico), our journey began with a single vision: to craft the perfect salsa verde.

Infused with the soulful rhythms of Latin music, each jar of Salsa Time is a symphony of taste!  Tomatoes, garlic, bell peppers, red onion, vinegar, habanero pepper, jalapeños, green chilis, cilantro, and salt come together in perfect harmony to create a salsa experience like no other.

With every dip, you're invited to savor the essence of Mexico's vibrant culture, celebrating tradition and flavor in every bite. Join us on this musical and gastronomic adventure as we share with you a salsa that's as authentic as the rhythms that inspired it. It's Salsa Time – let the fiesta begin!


8oz Jar

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Salsa Time 8oz Jar

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