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Prepare to be transported into a world of musical enchantment with the unparalleled talents of Aska Maret, Farshid Etniko, and Emerson Magana. This trio of world-class musicians will take you on a sonic journey that includes original compositions, Latin and jazz standards, and a captivating mix of world-class music, a true testament to the universal language of music.

$20 for advanced ticket


Aska Maret, a virtuoso violinist, composer, musical director, producer and vocalist from Japan, possesses an ethereal quality that lends an otherworldly touch to every note she plays or sings.  With every stroke of the bow and each vocal melody, Aska Maret's artistry leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

Aska grew up among a family of visual artists.  She started violin, piano and composing at the age of 4.  Her unique improvisational style arises from her childhood violin practices in natural settings.  As a teenager, Aska won Grand Prize in an international quartet competition held in London and later studied at the Toyko University of Fine Arts.  She went on to direct and release a variety of albums.  In 98, Aska won a Bessie Composition Award in New York for collaborative work with "The Unfinished Symphony," a work by the choreographer Yoshiko Chuma.  In Japan, Aska is well known as the musical director of major music theater productions.  She is a member of Gaia Cuatro, a Japanese-Argentinian unit that regularly tours Europe and Japan since 2003.  Aska's discography includes nearly thirty CD releases in a wide range of genres. 

Farshid Etniko, a true maestro of the guitar, adds a dynamic element to the group. His guitar work is a mesmerizing fusion of technical prowess and emotional depth. Whether he's plucking the strings with intricate precision or unleashing a rhythmic storm on the percussion, Farshid's musical expressions are an embodiment of passion and artistry.

Through his travels, Farshid accumulated the music of the world, studying in France, Iran, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg and has settled in St. Louis where he currently lives and plays.  He weaves the variety of styles and influences together into a sound that is unique and familiar.  Farshid performs Latin, popular Jazz standards, as well as compositions that blend Middle Eastern & Flamenco influences with Latin beats and American Blues sensibilities.  Farshid has been an opening act for many renowned musicians such as Carlos Santana, Greg Adams, Taj Mahal, Cassandra Wilson, B 52 and more!

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Emerson Magana, a gifted vocalist and guitarist from Mexico, joins this remarkable duo to complete the trifecta of talent. His vocals are an embodiment of soulful storytelling, and his guitar skills are a testament to years of dedication to his craft. With a stage presence that exudes charisma and charm, Emerson connects with the audience on a profound level.

Emerson is a Classically trained guitarist whose interest in music started at a very young age under the influence of his father.  He has participated in important cultural events, jazz festivals, seminars and master classes and has developed his own style due to the collaboration with various national and international artists, creating original songs such as "Tequila Time", "Que Lata", Give me Your Love", and more!  His unique style and musical experience includes alternating musical genres such as: Bossanova, Bolero, Latin, Cuban Son, Rock, Classical Guitar, Trova, Blues, Jazz and Mexican Music.

This is a benefit concert to support the Center for Spiritual Living. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to CSL, which will contribute to the center's mission and initiatives, fostering a sense of community and support for spiritual growth and well-being.


The Center for Spiritual Living is big-hearted Spiritual Community known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Their beautiful sanctuary includes a high-vaulted ceiling, stage and seating of up to 100.  The sanctuary is set to transform into a haven of musical delight on December 14th.

Free Parking at the Center for Spiritual Living (parking lot behind the building)


Beer and Wine for sale 


Here is a clip of Emerson, Aska & Farshid playing together earlier this summer:

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